• Amateur Radio Opporators

    Amateuur Radio Opporators Needed

    Description of volunteer position(s) available:

    If you are an amateur radio operator and looking for something different to do during shelter operations we can help.



    What will you need?

    You need a valid amateur radio license and a willingness to help others following the guidelines established by the American Red Cross


    What will you be doing? You will be providing the shelter manager, or designee, a communication link to the Operations Center or other services if phones are not available while the shelters are open. You may do other duties if you want as long as you can do this primary duty when required. Other duties are not required!


    What will I need? You will need to have a radio(s) and power supplies to function for a minimum of 16 hours (you hopefully would not work that long). You should have digital communications capability such as a computer with “Winlink” installed but that is a recommendation, not a requirement.


    Who do I answer to? On location, you answer to the shelter manager for the shift. Your Net Control Operator will be at the Operation Center or could be working from another location depending on the situation. Because of the nature of your job, there will always be someone at the other end of your radio.


    Description of organization and program activities

    Among the world’s most experienced and respected intercultural exchange organizations, AFS is an international non-profit organization thatprovides study abroad, host family, and volunteer opportunities. AFS depends on a global network of committed, energized volunteers to carry out its mission of providing intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world.


    Amateur Radio Opporators



    We’d love to hear from you! Please send correspondence to:

    PO BOX 391
    ANGELS CAMP, CA 95222


    N6FRG Repeater:
    145.170 MHz -offset, PL 100

    Bear Valley (linked on command):
    441.0375 MHz +5MHz offset, PL 151.4

    Summit Level-Arnold Area (normally linked):
    441.875 MHz +5MHz offset, PL 100




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