• A-Team For Wildlife

    Description of volunteer position(s) available:

    1. Youth under 19 years of age are invited to volunteer to help raise awareness and funds to help save endangered wildlife.2. Adult Local A-Team Leaders - to help organize and supervise groups of youth gathering together to learn about endangered species and to teach others about their plight. Facilitate flier distribution, host meetings, keep records of funds raised, etc. Guides for Local A-Team Leaders are available online.
    3. Adult School Assembly Presenters - may qualify for paid position. Set up and provide scripted school and youth group presentations about endangered species.


    Number of positins available:



    4 days per week


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    Description of organization and program activities

    Kids and wildlife. Kids saving endangered species. We offer youth Membership in our wildlife clubs, "Local A-Teams". Members have exclusiveaccess to our "Wild Life Website", featuring amazing resources. Local A-Teams may enter fundraising competitions to win "Exciting Educational Wildlife Adventures" - free trips to zoos, wildlife parks and preserves, and more. Local A-Teams also provide public education campaigns to teach others about endangered animals. Press Releases, brochures and flyers are available.

    A-Team For Wildlife



    Ken Jones




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