• Event City



    Event City is looking for volunteers at all levels who would like to offer their time and talents to support projects that provide opportunities to support great local experiences. Volunteers should be willing to:

    • Be available for events
    • Spare some of your talent for design and ambiance
    • Call vendors and organizations to invite involvement in our activities
    • Promote events
    • Encourage others to get involved and make a difference


    What We Do

    • Event Disaster Recovery
      - Provide support and assistance to individuals and families who have been impacted by a home fire
      - Support indludes psychological first aid, a care kit and ensuring that they have a roof over their heads for the next few days, money, and help getting connected to other resources.


    Our World

    At Event City Network (ECN), our unwavering mission is to unite professionals within the Events & Creative Industries™. With a sharp focus on distinct market segments, we proudly serve and connect the Special Events, Live Show Development, Meeting Planning & Expos, Hospitality, Travel, Art, Entertainment, Film, Venues, and Music industries, along with various other vertical markets.



    Moreover, we actively foster collaboration and community-building among stakeholders such as Food & Beverage businesses, CVBs, Investors, VCs and Non-Profit Organizations. Embracing the dynamic nature of our world, we constantly strive to stay ahead of the curve, emphasizing technological advancements and education through our affiliations with Blockchain & WEB3 development.



    Our vision is to design and construct thriving world communities that resonate both locally and virtually, empowering professionals to flourish in an ever-evolving landscape.


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    Dates Ongoing

    • September 22, 2023
      - Manage the reception process by ensuring each donor is warly
    • September 22, 2023
      - Provide support and assistance to Event Producers
    • September 22, 2023