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Click here to get more information about THE HIVE.

CLICK HERE to get more information about THE HIVE.


Volunteer Training
Learn to Co-Lead
Healthier Living Workshops in Calaveras County

Are you are interested in helping otheres improve their health?

Have a chronic health condition yourself?
Comfortable speaking in front of a small group?
Available to lead a weekly workshop for six weeks?
If you answered 'yes' to the above questions, become a leader for the
Healthier Living Workshop Program!

To learn more, call Bonnie Nordby at Calaveras County Public Health at
 (209) 754-6034 or email
Click here for flyer with more details.

Our community once again had to face the devastation of another fire. The Willow Fire was much smaller than the Butte Fire, but nonetheless, our neighbors were endangered and had to face the potential loss of property.
The Tuolomne-Calaveras Unit of CalFire has put together a slide show and check list to help you identify areas around your home that will make it easier for them to protect your home.   



We volunteers do everything - we give voice to our frail, isolated and otherwise invisible populations - our neighbors. We are the connective tissue of society. We may not be paid in spendable dollars, but we are never-the-less compensated 100 times over by the knowledge that every shared moment, shared skill or small act of kindness, consideration or compassion is contributing to the overall effort to make life better - for someone else, for ourselves individually, and for the collective "us."

If you have any questions, go to the CONTACT US page.


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