Henry Thoreau once said “One is not born into the world
to do everything, but to do something.”

What is your something?

Calaveras County is coming together to develop a coordinated plan to help the victims of the Butte Fire that decimated 70,868 acres of our beautiful surroundings, destroyed 475 residents, 343 outbuildings, and damaged 45 structures.  Many of our neighbors are now homeless, without sufficient resources and in need of financial, physical and emotional assistance…and will be for several years to come. 

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If you would like to volunteer, click here to provide information about when you can help and what you would like to do. The information will be reviewed and sent to the agency or organization that can best utilize your skills and talents.

It's important to become familiar with the
'Sequence of Delivery' for individual assistance

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PO Box 223
Rail Road Flat, CA 95248


Friends of Rail Road Flat School Butte Fire Relief Efforts has created an Amazon Wish List to stock the FORRFS Butte Fire Recovery Truck. These items can be ordered, sent to Friends of Rail Road Flat School, and taken out to fire victims on our donation truck. It is a Grand List - for even Grander Needs. If you would like a tax receipt, and would are willing to be acknowledged as a donor - please let us know when you make a purchase.

You can also make a monetary donation using PayPal. Just click here.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


 Click here to visit the CalaverasGROWN website.
www.calaverasgrown.org (209) 498-8081

CalaverasGROWN Community and Forest Recovery Program are providing Certified Weed Free Rice Straw to local landowners to use for erosion control. They are utilizing volunteer labor and are also in need of monetary donations. Click here for more details.


We will start helping those with the following issues first:

  •  your well is damaged and you need help getting it turned back on – only ask us for this if you need the water for living or irrigation now

  •  the fire burned your land so badly that most of the leaves and pine needles are gone, and you have steep slopes or roadways in danger of washing away

  •  you have direct concern about debris flows or mudslides washing away your home, house pad or other infrastructure

  •  you have been told that your burnt building will not be cleaned up by the county soon and the toxins from their ashes are a danger to local waterways

  •  you have land that is severely burnt on steep slopes above roads and waterways

 Currently we are working on Mondays and Thursdays.

For more information, please call (209) 498-8081 or email info@calaverasgrown.org.


Click here for CCAR Charities Grant Application.
The Calaveras County Association of Realtors has a charity branch, CCAR Charities Inc. which is a 501c(3) corporation. We have been working with the fire victims to place them in donated travel trailers so they have a roof of some type over their heads before winter weather sets in.
We have now ran out of donated trailers and are asking everyone to share this need and perhaps some more trailers will be made available. CCAR Charities has raised so far about $55,000 dollars and will also pay something for a travel trailer if the cost is not too much for our budget. 
When the travel trailers are delivered, we make sure they are stocked with bedding etc and have a team of Murphys volunteers helping with that, but the trailers often need propane tanks and generators which must be purchased. I cannot even manage to list the things the small group of five from the CCAR Charities has managed to do so far. 

More organizations and information will be posted soon. Please visit again or CONTACT US if you have any immediate questions or requests. 


Welcome to our website.

Whether you recognize it or not, you are perusing the Volunteer Center website because you understand that we all have something to share and that to do so is the true test of a compassionate heart - and perhaps you have a need to make a difference in your life, your community and beyond.

We volunteers do everything - we give voice to our frail, isolated and otherwise invisible populations - our neighbors. We are the connective tissue of society. We may not be paid in spendable dollars, but we are never-the-less compensated 100 times over by the knowledge that every shared moment, shared skill or small act of kindness, consideration or compassion is contributing to the overall effort to make life better - for someone else, for ourselves individually, and for the collective "us."

Thank you for doing and sharing what you can.

If you have any questions, go to the CONTACT US page.


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