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People save all year long to visit and vacation here - where we live - right here in our unique and beautiful Calaveras county!  A place where they will always remember having experienced a feeling of acceptance and being part of a larger family - a sense of community.

Whether you recognize it or not, you are perusing the Volunteer Center website because you understand that we all have something to share and that to do so is the true test of a compassionate heart - and perhaps you have a need to make a difference in your life, your community and beyond.

We volunteers do everything - we give voice to our frail, isolated and otherwise invisible populations - our neighbors. We are the connective tissue of society. We may not be paid in spendable dollars, but we are never-the-less compensated 100 times over by the knowledge that every shared moment, shared skill or small act of kindness, consideration or compassion is contributing to the overall effort to make life better - for someone else, for ourselves individually, and for the collective "us."

Thank you for doing and sharing what you can.

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A Story of Courage and Example of How You Can Help Others

In August 2013, the Calaveras Enterprise told the inspiring story of Rachel Healy and her battle with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL), type B with the Philadelphia Chromosome. (Click here for the Enterprise article.)

Rachael Healy

Through her ordeal she kept an optimistic outlook and discovered one of the things that makes living in Calaveras County so great - the people. Her friends and neighbors, and complete strangers, prepared meals for her family, tended to her yard, encouraged blood donations, tried to find a bone marrow donor, as well as ran marathons to support her and others with similar diseases.

Her “bone marrow” transplant consisted of umbilical cord “Cord Blood” stem cells.  The doctors preferred her to have a transplant using adult peripheral stems cells; but, unfortunately, an adult donor match could not be found.

Rachel would like to encourage everyone to consider becoming a donor and find out about storing cord blood stem cells.

To read the entire account of Rachel's fight, you may visit www.caringbridge.com; click on "visit a site" and type in rachelhealy.

You may visit the Mayo Clinic or the Baby Center to get more information about cord blood and consider becoming a donor. There are many other organizations that have additional information. They are very easy to find if you do a web search for "cord blood" or "cord blood donations."

After reading Rachel's story, we hope you will be inspired to volunteer in any way you can - drive others to doctor's appointments, read to someone who is house-bound, help a non-profit with office tasks, make a monetary donation, or anything else where you can offer the skills or talents that make you unique.

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